cleantrace total solution

Unleash big data and unlock hidden profit

Track every animal in your herd or several in each cage, flock or barn....limitless precision and insights into your operations. True farm-to-fork traceability records for you and your customer.

farm production data

Every animal is a data point

Every animal is different and their 'cost journey' is different as well. Our belief is that the cost of tagging an animal can be recaptured several times over.

processing data

Quality, Consistency, Understanding

Animals arrive at the processing facility in different shapes, sizes and levels of meat quality, with only batch-level records for traceability. Our belief is that every animal has a unique journey that can be standardized by identifying cause-and-effect factors that negatively or positively impact product value. Let us prove it to you.

animal traceability and records

True traceability,
individual records,
infinite data

By tagging every animal, record keeping for regulatory bodies becomes much easier, with scan-and-store functionality. Tracking of animal movements between pens, cages, houses, barns, and quarantine zones can be easily managed with our tags and one of our partner platforms.