Taking your poultry operations to the next level

The best choice for individual bird traceability for layers, pullets, breeders and even broilers. CleanTrace offers injection molded clasp style tags and ultra-thin label style tags to suit any application in an affordable way.


Game changing insights

CleanTrace poultry tags work on any bird species to unlock valuable data from within your operations.

Unleash Optimization

CleanTrace provides 'the missing link' for farm-to-fork traceability, with all the benefits of individual animal traceability and none of the burden at the processing facility, where the tag comes off seamlessly during scaling process.

Optimize Inputs, Lower Costs

With the option of having RFID technology embedded in our tags, producers will be able to identify each animal individually for controlling feed, monitoring water consumption, tracking vaccination record with one of our partner software IoT systems.

Individual Animal Traceability

By lowering the cost and burden of tags, our solution will enable producers, integrators and regulators to deploy serialized livestock traceability and unlock the benefits of resilience and security for the food chain.

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Our patented poultry tags are cost effective, come in multiple configurations and work with all major data collection systems. Available in Ultra-lite for broiler applications or Rugged for breeder and layer applications.

Reduce tagging costs
Reduce labour costs
Environmental friendly materials
Unlimited potential
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Large Animal Species

CleanTrace offers various options for serialized tagging of all large animal species. The male or female portion of the tag can be manufactured with our Heat-ReleaseTM materials with the other side made from traditional plastics that can be re-used over and over again.

“A traceability system provides timely, accurate, and relevant information to enhance emergency management, market access, industry competitiveness and consumer confidence" - Agriculture Canada

Our tags are rugged during their life in the barn, pasture or paddy. They provide the benefit of individual traceability on the farm and hand-off their serial number to the processing facility system before entering the scald tank. By having the male portion of the tag dissolve in the scald tank, the cost of serialized traceability can be reduced by up to 80%, with the more expensive RFID components available for re-use.


We see laying operations as one of the best opportunities to improve production with serialized traceability tags. By placing RFID readers in the cage systems, valuable insights about bird eating, drinking and egg production can be uncovered. With advancements in barn technology, we believe that individual bird data can be the next advancement that can take laying operations to the next level.

“A traceability system provides timely, accurate, and relevant information to enhance emergency management, market access, industry competitiveness and consumer confidence" - Agriculture Canada

Our industry partners can provide the bird scales, egg counters, software and hardware to match individual bird inputs to individual bird outputs in combination with environmental factors. CleanTrace technology enables the deployment of artificial intelligence in optimizing every aspect of poultry layer production.


We envision our CleanTrace tags on every breeder bird, from pullet through to breeding stages. With a tag on every bird, your operation will have end-to-end traceability on genetics and bird performance that will allow for unprecedented fidelity in optimizing production.

“Precision nutrition boosts environmental sustainability of poultry production." - Professor Martin Zuidhof, University of Alberta.

Which birds are producing the best birds? Which bird genetics are producing the most eggs? Why?

CleanTrace and its platform partners can provide those insights.


We envision a benefit to tag broiler birds with individual identifiers, whether barcodes, QR or RFID to monitor growth, provide traceability records and gain valuable insights into the flock. With the rapid spread of avian influenzas, our CleanTrace system becomes an immediate traceability mechanism that can provide highly precise records of bird locations, movements and susceptibilities.

While the industry is working towards the adoption for more precise feeding technologies, we believe they are right around the corner. Professor Martin Zuidhof, a professor of poultry systems, modeling and precision feeding at the University of Alberta, has developed an automated broiler breeder feeding system that provides rations according to the needs of individual birds — hopefully bringing an end to the longstanding challenge of flock uniformity. In the system, each bird is outfitted with an RFID tag to identify it to a computer system with data about the bird’s ideal body weight. When it walks into the feeding area, it stands on a scale that allows the computer to determine how much the bird should be fed —more if it’s underweight, less if not — and the appropriate amount of feed is dispensed.