Who we are and why we're doing this

We are passionate about farming and engineering. CleanTrace
was born from a desire to lower the cost and burden of getting data for each animal, so that we can improve farming and food production operations.

67+ billion

Annual global broiler chicken and turkey production

985+ million

Annual global swine production

6.6+ billion

Laying hens in production globally

3.68+ billion

Annual global beef, sheep and goat production
Our Mission

CleanTrace has set out to bridge the gaps between agriculture and technology, starting with understanding the problem and working through to a practical, easily adopted solution. With less than 1% of billions of animals produced each year providing data, we believe that there are countless discoveries to be made that will increase profitability, sustainability and resiliency in the industry.

Our Role

We solve problems and provide solutions for modern day challenges in farming and food production. We believe that partnerships are critical in all of life's work and continually seek to build bridges between problems and solutions, challenges and opportunities. We believe that our CleanTrace technology is the 'missing link' that will truly unlock the power of technology and data in the agri-food industry.

Our Values

Our core values are being: trustworthy, transparent, resilient, bold, resourceful and conscientious with a primary goal of driving value for our customers. We prioritize relationships with our partners and customers. CleanTrace sees technology as a tool in our kit to make food production more efficient, more sustainable and more resilient in our ever changing world

We are a team of passionate people bringing solutions and value for the agri-food industry.

Our team is passionate about bringing value to our customers and to the consumer of farm products. We strive to sift out unnecessary, complicated technology and focus on those elements that bring the most value and the highest ROI.

At CleanTrace, we see every animal as a having a 'data journey' that provides valuable insights into feed conversion, water consumption, health, welfare, consistency, meat quality and biosecurity that are unseen today. We endeavour to make serializing your livestock as affordable as possible and support you in leveraging that information to get an ROI that is many times higher.

Ellery Burton
Founder and CEO
Darrell Friesen
Business Development Advisor
Chris Bunio
Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Advisor
Carl Esau
Production Optimization Advisor
Chris Fultz
Intellectual Property Legal Advisor
Chip Martens
Branding & Marketing Advisor