The future of livestock traceability

With CleanTrace, experience the pinnacle of tag technology – universally compatible and user-friendly, ensuring superior data management and traceability in a cost-effective, low-burden manner.

Sow selection

Optimize Your Herd for Peak Performance

Unlock advanced sow selection with CleanTrace's cost-effective tags. By reducing tagging expenses, we enable farms of all sizes to efficiently track top-performing sows. This affordable solution optimizes resource use, boosting productivity and performance without the financial strain.

Improve Variability

Variability Management

CleanTrace's tags make variability management affordable, allowing farms to optimize animal production. This cost-effective approach enhances throughput, reduces inefficiencies, and increases yield, making high-efficiency farming accessible to a wider range of producers.

Unleashing advanced analytics on livestock production

A low-burden universal livestock tagging solution that reduces costs for the producer and eliminates negative impacts for the processor, allowing end-to-end, true farm-to-fork traceability for higher product values and improved data sets for environmental (ESG) improvements in your operations.

Large Animal Tags

Imagine having data on every animal in your herd, instead of misleading averages across the herd/flock. Imagine being able to understand variations in size, meat quality, input costs and disease. Imagine lowering production costs, increasing product values and generating measurable profit improvements. Imagine no more....

Poultry Tags

CleanTrace has developed what we believe is the world's first tag and trace system for the poultry industry. With the spread of avian influenza, increasing costs of feed and the value of egg, chick and bird, we believe that poultry is primed for more granular traceability, COP reductions and product value enhancements.


Powerful functionality for system-wide adoptability

Lower Costs

CleanTrace tags are designed to lower tagging costs for producers

Lower Burden

Our patented Heat-ReleaseTM Technology nearly eliminates burden at processing stage

Universal System

CleanTrace technology can work with any existing tagging system on the market

Unlock Opportunities

CleanTrace enables affordable and sustainable serialization for collection of data points from every animal

New Measurement Insights

The more animals with tags, the more precisely KPIs can be measured, increasing returns and profit from every animal

Proof In Data

Data is foundational in our modern world, CleanTrace enables every animal to produce countless data points for analysis

Data & Insights

Connect with any software platform

CleanTrace is laser-focused on providing the most adoptable, universal tags on the market. Our tags will work with any software system provider in the world, whether a basic data collection system, custom-developed application, or world-class enterprise solution.

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Join our expanding list of partners

CleanTrace provides the missing link in traceability and is keen to develop a strong ecosystem of world-wide partners that want to improve global food production.


Our tags are compatible with the following brands

CleanTrace technology can be applied to any tagging system in the world with the following brands among them. The best part - our portion of the tag dissolves in an environmental-friendly manner and our partner tags can be sanitized and re-used.

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